1.  Familiarize yourself with the above suggestions for purchasing a home.

2.  Within one (1) week from the initial conference, supply this office with a copy of your deed, survey, title insurance policy, death certificate of deceased joint owner (where applicable), as well as the name, address and account number of your present mortgage company.

3.  Be prepared for unanticipated delays in closing.

4.  Obtain an oil or gas reading the day before closing and bring a receipt to the closing.

5.  Your house must be empty of all furniture and in broom clean condition at the time of closing.

6.  Bring all keys and garage door openers to the closing.

7.  After closing notify your insurance agent to cancel your homeowner’s insurance and request a refund of the unexpired premium.

8.  If you have a FHA or VA mortgage, you must notify them in writing thirty (30) days prior to closing or you may be charged an additional month’s interest.

9.  Inquire with this office as to whether you should make the mortgage payment for the month you will close title.

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